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“[Timothy] Haskell stages these mini-dramas and sleights of hand with the panache of a seasoned magician. Paul Smithyman’s production design is, like so many of the greatest horror movies, rooted in a grim realism.” — New York Times


Psycho Clan







(107 Suffolk Street, NYC)


(New York, NY) – Psycho Clan, the artistic team behind Nightmare Haunted House, will forego designing it’s unique brand of theatrical haunted house for a 12th season and present the inaugural Nightmare Horror Show: New York’s Most Terrifying Theater Festival running October 7th-31st. All performances take place at the same venue where the haunted house ran, the Flamboyan theater at The Clemente, located at 107 Suffolk Street between Rivington and Delancey on Manhattan’s lower east side. All tickets are $25. For complete schedule of events, more information and to buy tickets visit  www.NightmareNewYork.com


For four-weeks, eight new mini-horror productions will take place. There are four programs, each premiering two new horror works that will thrill even the most jaded theater goer. Each evening will feature either 2 or 3 programs (late nights on the weekends and closer to Halloween). In addition to the 5 productions accepted into the festival, Psycho Clan will be premiering 3 original works from members of the Nightmare creative team including Eddie by Nightmare production designer Paul Smithyman, Me_irl by Nightmare specialty props and puppet maker Aaron Haskell and the World premiere of Nightmare creator and director Timothy Haskell’s SMILE. The other hand-selected shows include Necromancer by Johnathan Frost, Bane from APT Theater, Night of the Touching Zombies from Figment, and Anthony Giorgio’s Broken.


“When I started the haunted house 12 years ago it was the only one in town. Part of the reason I started NIGHTMARE was because I loved haunted houses so I built one to go to. Now that they are somewhat ubiquitous, I am returning to my roots as a theater director in an attempt to create actual, honest-to-goodness scary theater. Something that has proven to be very difficult since the Grand Guignol, and what I believe can be the most terrifying live experience. Better than the most spine-chilling scary movie”


Tickets for NIGHTMARE HORROR SHOW are $25 and can be purchased at the box office prior to each performance or in advance on the website. For a full schedule of performances visit www.NightmareNewYork.com



 Psycho Clan Productions

SMILE (Produced by Psycho Clan, written and directed by Timothy Haskell): a new play by Nightmare Haunted House creator Timothy Haskell’s 4-D cross between a haunted house and a Dario Argento film. Weird. Disturbing and Super Scary. (approximate running time 35 minutes)


Timothy Haskell recently directed the visual spectacle James and the Giant Peach at St. John’s University in addition to Sex You (I’m Gonna) by Nathan Phillips at the ACE Hotel and then in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Other credits include Off-Broadway’s Stitching (The Wild Project and The Elephant in Los Angeles), The Jaded Assassin (Ohio Theatre), Fatal Attraction: A Greek Tragedy starring Corey Feldman at the Classic Stage Company, the Paris Hilton spoof I Love Paris by Doug Fields also at the Blue Heron Arts Center and the cult hit Road House: The Stage Play, which transferred from Off-Off Broadway to Off-Broadway at the Barrow Street Theatre. Mr. Haskell is also the creator and director of the annual Nightmare: New York’s Most Horrifying Haunted House, which has run each fall for the past eleven years.


Eddie (produced by Psycho Clan and written by Paul Smithyman, directed by Matt Acheson): Eddie is simple Wisconsin fella, keeping the lamp lit on the family homestead, working hard in the Gein Summer Kitchen, creating all kinds of American artifacts. In 1954 America’s first high sensation serial killer, ED GEIN, was arrested following the murder of respected towns-woman. Following the arrest the local police searched the Gein residence and were horrified by what they found in Eddies Summer Kitchen. Eddie is a new play exploring the internal dialogue of a serial killer. ‘EDDIE’ takes you right inside the venom-soaked heart and mind of the man who inspired ‘Psycho’, ‘Leatherface’ and ‘Buffalo Bill’. Featuring one of the most amazing puppets you will ever see (approximate running time 22 minutes)


Paul Smithyman is a core member of Psycho Clan, scenic designing the Nightmare Haunted Houses since they began.

Since 1993 Paul has worked off-off, off and on Broadway in a myriad of different roles. Co-Director of The Interart Development Series from 95’ to ’04, Paul developed 30 new plays.


Me_irl (produced by Psycho Clan, written and directed by Aaron Haskell):  When an ordinary man enjoying his lunch in a park encounters a gregarious crow things go south quickly.  Featuring some incredible puppetry (approximate running time 22 minutes)


Productions by other companies:


BANE (Produced by APT Theater and written by Kate Dickinson)- After a bizarre accident, James and Natalie find themselves confined to   a cabin in the woods. As more of their lost past comes into focus, they realize their lives are in danger. Paranoia, accusations, and suspicions erupt as the terrifying truth is finally revealed. (approximate running time 45 minutes)


APT Theater is a company co-founded five years ago by Katie Dickinson and Justin Goodemoot. They unleash provocative, original new works, and throw the audience within arm’s reach of the action. They want their original works to be examined by the audience throughout the entire development process, to remind them of things they never realized, and to be influenced by a network of artists and collaborators.


Night of the Touching Zombies (Produced by Figment and written by Jason Ellis) Touching Zombies may be more Raimi than it is Roth, but it is also more Romero than it is Polanski.  Ghouls abound in this homage to Dan O’Bannon’s Return of the Living Dead, and other lighthearted sci-fi horror classics. (approximate running time 45 minutes)

Figment specializes in cabaret theater and off-kilter new plays, including: Robot Uprising (2008), Monster Uprising (2009), Barbarian! (2010, a bawdy 60 minute “nerdcore” Hip-Hopera), Simon Astor’s Strange Tales of Preston Stagger (2013) and World War Bee (2015), and The Last Temptation of Keiko (2014, the true life story of the largest Hollywood celebrity that ever lived).


BROKEN (written and directed by Anthony Giorgio is a psychological thriller, using dance, original music and environmental theatrics to convey a dark world. Inside this world, we find ourselves privy to one woman’s intimate struggle with her inner demons. She is urgently pursued by something/someone unknown and throughout, she fights to escape and battles to remain sane. Because of her intense circumstances, we wonder, is she living inside a fantasy, or has her boogey man actually come to life, stalking her every move?  We’re left with the final question, “if you could have a terrifying moment of your life taken away, erased, no matter what the cost, would you eliminate it? (approximate running time 36 minutes)


Anthony Giorgio (creator/choreographer) brings ‘Broken’ a psychological physical theatre dance piece into the world of Nightmare . He has showcased his work in around NYC since 2008 taking part in The West Village Musical Theatre Festival, Midtown International Theatre Festival, FringeNYC and most recently at The Tree House Theatre. He has assembled 4 of the most talented dancer actors led by Kristen Gehling and original soundtrack by long time collaborator Davey Patterson and has set them on a path to embrace their own strengths, fears and inner demons.


Necromancer (Produced by Macabre Talent and created by Jonathan Frost and Joan Baker): Necromancer is a show unlike any other. Take a brief journey to the ethereal and haunting world of the spirit realm with a participatory gory group seance. The Necromancer will be your guide and medium to the afterlife full of other worldly entities. The thrilling surprises of the spirit world & the dark humor of the Necromancer are sure to tickle the blackest of hearts. (approximate running time 32 minutes)


Macabre Talent is a production company & talent agency based out of NYC. The company focuses on artists and theatrical events of a darker and more demented persuasion. Combining elements of humor, shock, the mysteries of the occult and spell binding charm Macabre Talent is sure to bring an exciting edge to your evening. So sit back and let magic happen, you’re bound to have a memorable night. ~Chillingentertainment.com~



The Demon Huntsman by Ashley Thorpe and Tales From Beyond The Pale.

Directed by Paul Smithyman

On the haunted Moors of Dartmoor England, Lord Capel and his son learn the terror-filled lesson that pride comes before a fall.

A live radio horror play performed onstage at The Nightmare Horror Show complete with foley bringing the magic of old-radio plays to the stage!