Frequently Asked Questions

When Does Nightmare Horror Show Begin?

We run October 7th-31st

Is This a Haunted House?

Not this year.  Nope.  These are horror plays

What is it anyway?

There are 7 different horror plays taking place in 4 different programs.  Each program features 2 different shows other than Nightmare creator Timothy Haskell’s Smile which appears on a bill by itself.  Each show is designed to be very scary.  If horror movies are scary, than live theater should be even scarier.  Many of the shows still use many haunted house techniques including pop scares, audience interaction, breaking of the 4th wall and familiar haunted house tropes of darkness, strobe lights, fog, etc.  Instead of being terrified for a 20 minute walk through, we’ll have you for an hour and a half!

Where is it?

Nightmare: New York is at Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center (CSV) located at 107 Suffolk Street between Rivington and Delancey. Click here for more information.

Is it appropriate for children?

Not so much.  Depends on your kid.  There will be some inappropriate material.  Read the descriptions for each show.

Is there a long wait?

One of the rewards of not being a haunted house is there is no wait! You get your tickets and get your seats at the start time.  DON’T BE LATE, every show starts promptly, and you can get your Halloween fix without the long lines.


I bought a ticket in advance, but can’t make it. May I get a refund or switch my ticket to a different time or different day?

Sorry. There are no refunds or exchanges. It is just too difficult to administer on that level. We have many, many shows and people going to see those shows.  It is nearly impossible to address the issues of people who were supposed to have already gone.

Is this handicapped accessible?


If your sold out online is there any chance getting in?

There will likely be some no-shows, so we will create a wait list and do our best to get you in.

How long us each performance?

between an hour and an hour and a half

Can I use my credit card at the box office?

heck yeah

I bought and printed my ticket in advance. Do I need to visit the box office?

No! As soon as your entire party is ready to enter, you can take your seat.

I bought and printed my ticket in advance, but didn’t print it. What now?

Just visit the box office, give the attendant your last name and credit card. He or she will print your ticket.

Is there an ATM at the venue?

no there is not, but there are plenty of banks and delis with ATM machines in the area

Are there restrooms?

Uh, yeah. Of course.